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Differentiation Counts In Auto Body Repair

As an auto body repair shop owner, you’ll have invested in the right tools, equipment, manpower and training to ensure that your business can provide the quality and output necessary for a healthy bottom line. The thing is, all your competitors will have done the same thing, and maybe even boast of more advanced equipment than you can muster. But as a service company, one can be a competitive auto body repair shop without needing to have the most up-to-date equipment.

Since time immemorial, customer loyalty has been gained not by fancy surroundings or slick-looking premises but by providing quality services with a personal touch. For an auto body repair shop, there are many opportunities to do this, such as:
detailing the interiorrotating the wheelswashing the carcleaning glazed headlights

For a lot of auto body repair shops these days, there is a lot of competition in one’s area of operations, and managers have to think hard about maintaining a customer service ethic that will attract and keep customers. Ask yourself what added value your collision repair shop offers in your area. Does the shop have a specialty (e.g. paint, brand specialization, value for money, fast turnaround)?

Come up with a list of things that differentiate your service from that of your competitors, and look at it from the customer’s point of view. What benefits are you providing? Is there a particular hassle customers have to deal with every time they visit an auto body repair shop? Can you lessen that frustration? Are shop personnel willing and able to take that extra step to provide a positive customer experience?

With lots of collision repair shops and experienced competitors around, it may be difficult to find something that differentiates your shop from the rest. In that case, examine the way you go about your business instead of just differentiating your service. Maybe you can offer a unique guarantee, one that depends on how long the customer has been going to your shop. Or maybe provide a hotline that guarantees a response within the hour. This is specially important for people who find themselves in an accident at an unholy hour. Only the circumstances surrounding an auto body repair shop can give the shop manager the clues to how a shop can differentiate itself.

An important thing to note is that the shop must be able to consistently follow through with its differentiation commitments. Shop personnel must gladly cooperate the management’s attempts to differentiate the business. Otherwise, you will just be making false promises, with would probably have a more negative effect than if you had not done anything at all.

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Best Car Repair Service Glen Ellyn

Everyone requires the services of an auto repair service and there are a number of commendable auto garages in every city today.

Everyone loves his or her car. A car or vehicle is a valuable asset and one purchases a good quality automobile after saving money and after reaching a certain state of living. Everyone wants the best parts for their car, the best repair service and people today are aware that only if they maintain their car appropriately, will the vehicle give them its utmost performance. The vehicle is after all a machine and it can fail at any time. Cars and vehicles should be maintained with regular tune-ups and servicing to its parts. For this, one requires the service of a reputed automobile repair service in ones city. If one live in Glen Ellyn then it can rest assured because there are a number of well-known auto repair services providers. To find one such service in ones city, one can simply conduct an online search. Searching the internet for a well-known auto repair service is probably one of the fastest ways of finding one such service.

The first thing that one should look into while hiring an auto repair service is the reputation of the garage or service center. One just cannot hand over ones prized car or vehicle to just any auto garage service, which claims to be the best. There have been cases of auto parts being stolen or inferior quality auto parts fitted into cars by auto repair centers in many cities. That is why it is imperative to determine the reputation of the auto service center before taking ones car over for repair work or regular servicing. Many car owners are prudent when it comes to selecting one auto repair service from many choices. That is the smart way to go because if something goes wrong with ones car then it again results in expenses and it affects the performance of the car as well.

For residents of Glen Ellyn there is a choice when it comes to repair work for their car. There are more than on well-known auto repair services and these auto repair centers offer the best and highest quality service not only to the vehicles but also to their customers. As a customer, one feels very nice when the staff at the auto repair center is friendly and they take the effort to explain things clearly to one. The customer definitely feels good when he is explained what services his car requires and why and how long the process will take.

Avail Effective Repair Services For Your Expensive Vehicles

German automobile industry is one of the leading industries all throughout the world. It is highly competitive and innovative among all other genres of automobiles. The respective vehicles are highly efficient and are known for their intricate designs and outstanding finishing look. Not only through external appearance, these vehicles are engineered in the most skilled manner. These are high speed oriented and lets the drivers feel exotic while driving and outperform other vehicles in terms of performance and effectiveness. All the major and expensive cars that you tend to notice on road are German engineered. There is a unique kind of class which is attached to these cars.

If you are looking for a vehicle which gives you the following output in the best possible manner-

-Precision -Consistency -Elegance -Smooth functioning

then, it is wise to go for these vehicles. Purchasing a car needs a lot of research and a channelized mindset. This is because, a heavy amount of investment is involved in such an activity. That is why, one should always go for the best model so that her/his long time investment proves to be fruitful in future years. These models are designed in such a way that it is both complex and makes you feel easy going at the same time. Latest technology and innovation methods are used in their manufacturing.

Now, the matter of concern regarding this issue is that if these vehicles are so productive and efficient, then they would definitely require expert experience during the times of repairs. Here is a company which exclusively offers such services for the German models. They have been in this industry in 1985 and have been offering outstanding assistance in this regard. If you require MBZ repair San Diego, you can without any doubts, contact them. They would properly analyze the model and accordingly provide respective solutions. Similarly, they are highly experienced in indulging in BMW repair San Diego. Affordable and viable rates are demanded by them. In return, they provide you with ultimate satisfaction regarding the working order of your car.

It is believed that the more expensive and high technologically manufactured a car is, the more expert mechanic it requires in order to back to an efficient working order. That is why, they are adept in the process of Mercedes maintenance San Diego. It is not the cup of tea of every mechanic to understand the logistics and technicalities of these classic models. Therefore, it is advisable to contact them for their assistance if you own such vehicles. If a company deals in providing BMW cars and requires services pertaining to them, it can avail their BMW service San Diego in order to obtain best results.

Auto MD Shaping The Future of Auto Repair

There was a time when the idea of commercial GPS was laughable, and people referred to newspaper-sized road maps. Today, you can get directions from mobile devices that fit comfortably within the palm of your hand. It’s truly amazing how the wave of technology has washed over modern society, making everyday tasks easier and faster to do. AutoMD looks to lead the charge in doing the same for the field of auto repair. The site has been around for just under a decade, and it has grown to become the web’s number one destination for car owners seeking do-it-yourself advice. Among the numerous car repair help sites online, AutoMD is the only one that continues to improve its service at an exponential rate, making it the premiere example of consistency and innovation in the auto repair industry. Its cost estimate calculator is considered by most visitors as the site’s most useful feature, followed by Auto Answers, which allows users to interact with the rest of the AutoMD community to validate their concerns. What further sets the site apart is that it makes no time for nonsense and no room for mistakes. You’ll see this in the How-To-Guides which are written concisely but aren’t textbook material. They’ll give you just enough information to get your hands dirty and get the job done right. Other features unique to the site include a nationwide listing of AutoMD-certified auto service centers and a growing pool of mechanics-for-hire called the AutoMD Pit Crew. These elements are geared towards improving visibility that earns customer trust and builds brand equity. This goes to show how much effort the hardworking men and women behind the site have put in to guarantee client satisfaction. These people have not only established the site as a name, but as a pillar and a blueprint for the industry. For AutoMD, making auto repair easier for car owners across the globe is an invaluable responsibility to be continued for years to come.

The Italian car enthusiast Trish Shane is best known for her championship winning ways on Grand Prix tracks all over the world. Born on the 3rd of January, in Rome, Italy. Her greatest accomplishments came dressed in red with his 11 year stint with the Italian Ferrari racing team. Now owns an auto repair shop.

A Career In Auto Body Repair Technology

According to the NHTSA, there were 5,687,000 traffic accidents in the US in 2013. Fatalities resulted from 30,057 of those crashes and the remaining 5,584,000 caused either injury (1,591,000) or just property damage (3,950,000). That’s a staggering 15,580 accidents PER DAY, 365 days of the year!!

Whilst a percentage of crashes result in vehicles needing to be written off due to irreparable damage, many more get sent to auto body repair shops to be repaired and restored to pre-accident glory. Every vehicle that’s been in a collision however can present repairers with a unique challenge and this is where understanding the technology behind vehicle construction, knowing about manufacturer repair specifications and repair methods, and being up to date with the types of materials used in modern vehicle manufacture, is vital. This in fact is what auto body repair technology is all about.

Improvements in technology have led to an increasingly diverse car manufacturing industry as vehicle manufacturers experiment with different materials, new technology and design principles. Differences between parts, make, build, design concepts and construction materials have made auto body repairing a much more complex and diverse industry to what it once was. Gone are the days of the old one-vehicle, one-repairer set up because not only has the sheer number of vehicles now coming through the repair shop industry made this unworkable in practice but the technological sophistication of new vehicles has also encouraged specialisation on the shop floor.

Enter the assembly line, which allows repair shop technicians to specialise or concentrate on one type of repair ie fixing doors, removing and installing glass, painting and so on. Modern vehicles typically incorporate a range of materials – steel, metal alloys, aluminum and plastic. There are even car bodies made of fibreglass. Each of these types of material combinations requires a unique repair approach and this is where training, either on the job, or through educational institutions, becomes important.

Common Auto Body Repair Processes

Damaged frames are common after auto accidents but these can be fixed with the use of special hydraulic powered alignment tools that straighten the frame and realign the damaged parts. For unibody vehicles, which are vehicles without frames, it’s particularly imperative they be realigned, to the precise fraction of an inch, to factory specifications. The frame straightening process uses certain benchmark systems to gauge the extent of a misalignment prior to employing frame-straightening machines to realign everything back to their original positions.

Sections of metal panelling beyond economical repair are removed using a range of tools appropriate to the scope of the job ie pneumatic metal cutting guns. Once the damaged section has been removed, new panel sections are welded into place and seamlessly finished to look invisible once complete. Minor dings are generally pushed out with hand tools, pneumatic hammers, hydraulic jacks or hand prying bars. Small dents and creases may be removed by putting a small anvil behind the dent then hammering the panel from the other side. Small pits and dimples can be fixed by ‘metal finishing’, a procedure that uses pick hammers and punches to push the panelling back to its original shape.

Many modern vehicles have plastic panelling and external accessories. Badly damaged panels are removed and replaced in their entirety with new panels supplied by the manufacturer, an authorised after market product, or with quality second hand panels. Other types of damage though require repairing and this calls for some pretty extensive knowledge of plastic types used by the manufacturer as well as recommended repair techniques for that particular make and model. One of the advantages of plastic is that it can be easily remodelled through the use of heat, which softens the material for easier manipulation. Hot water or a hot air gun for instance can be used to soften plastic panels enough so that dents and buckles can be removed by hand.

Where a dent in plastic panelling can’t be repaired by usual methods it can often be filled with plastic or solder. Once the filler has been applied, the area is then filed, ground back to the level of surrounding surfaces and cleaned before paint is applied. Painting is often done by a specialist to ensure the best possible finish for the client but in some cases repair shop technicians can also double as a painter.

So, as you can see, the job of a modern auto repair technician involves specialist training in the use of a range of tools, repair methods, manufacturing technology, computerised damage and structural assessment software and more. Whilst a certain amount of training can be done on the job, many repair shops prefer to employ technicians that have undergone formal training in auto body repair technology.

Nine Essentials Skills Often Found In A Typical Auto Repair Technician Job Description

The job description for an auto body repair technician generally reads something like this:  -Needs to be capable of repairing and rebuilding most types of vehicles to OEM factory specifications. -Must be able to:

o repair dents, rips and other repairable damage to panels and external accessories

o remove, replace or reconstruct unrepairable panels and external accessories

o align, repair or replace structural damage and damaged mechanical components

o align, repair or replace damaged internal structures and components

o work with welding, brazing, cutting and various other tools as indicated

o know how to work with plastics and adhesives

o know how prepare surfaces and correctly select, tint and apply paint using various refinishing techniques

o use software designed to assess structural damage, measure and align replacement components

If this sounds like you need to have an awful lot of skills and knowledge, you’re right, and this is where auto body repair technology comes in. This is the all-important technology that goes hand in glove with a successful vehicle repair or reconstruction. It’s an integral part of the knowledge and training that allows an auto repair technician to apply or use the appropriate techniques, equipment and components to repair, reconstruct and finish automobiles to original factory standards and in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This is important not just from an aesthetic perspective but also for safety reasons.

On Job Auto Body Repair Technology Training

Many auto manufacturers also hold regular workshops and seminars designed to bring repair shops up to speed with the latest technology used in their vehicles. This includes briefing them on the types of material used in the panelling and how to work with those materials as well as how to correctly align, repair and refit panelling and other components.

A book by James E. Duffy’s titled “Auto Body Repair Technology, 6th Edition ” has become an industry standard not just for training but also on auto shop floors where it’s an invaluable reference tool.